Evaluate your students by means of exams on a local network


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iTest is a program with client/server structure that allows you to evaluate students through the questions that the client application obtains from a database centralized on a server.

Create a database for each matter or try and begin to write the questions. These can be organized by category to distinguish ones from others. Indicate the category that will be available in each test or if you want to leave out certain questions. It's also possible to establish their level of difficulty, add an image in SVG format and create multiple choice questions.

The students connect to the server with the client application. The administrator can consult the development of each student during the test. Once the test is finished, it can be printed.

Even though iTest requires some extra time when preparing the questions, the correction is automatic so you save a lot of time. iTest is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
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